Publicado el 11/12/2020.

Translated to English by Wild Way.

                Tired of 6-month summers with temperatures in excess of 35 degrees Celsius and reaching 55? Your health suffering and being unable to leave your home until well into the fall? Can't breathe and need 24-hour air conditioning year-round? Can't sleep because of a dry throat due to the air conditioner or because nighttime temperatures exceed 35 Celcius? Tired of living with people who would rather see you dead? Do you want to get far away from people who are different from you?

Don't worry, you can be one of the privileged few living in PARALLEL 60! We are creating an entire civilization just for you on this meridian where the summers are mild, and the winters are as they used to be.

Join the privileged class and leave your hometown where there’s no future for you. Our civilization is perfectly protected from the undesirables with laser turrets and drones controlled by the most advanced AI, there are no mistakes, no one can enter unless they own property on PARALLEL 60! Already more than a million lucky people live here, all like you, the self-made, who know what it takes to make money, none of the less fortunate nor those who take away your wealth through taxation.

Don’t delay, we have all the luxuries, villas for all tastes and budgets. With shopping malls and no poor people anywhere, all controlled by AI. Live exclusively with your people, the entrepreneurs, you will never again have to put up with people from outside your social class.

No more servants with families and payment of benefits, now our robots with the latest AI will take care of everything, cleaning, gardening, cooking, exactly as you please, your time is golden, live securely without worrying the silver will be stolen. You’ll be the true master, nobody will demand their rights from you anymore.

We also have all the necessary manufacturing to provide us with everything we need to remain autonomous, with completely automated factories, independent from the rest of the world. And don't forget, you can maintain your businesses outside of PARALLEL 60, the international laws are on our side and we have some of the best judges and lawyers in national and international courts. Keep on accumulating wealth from your former country without legal concerns. We also draw on your businesses to provide us with resources for PARALLEL 60: PARALLEL 60 is duty-free for residents. Live here, work for us, work for yourself!

We have special rates for owners of mines and natural resources in the rest of the world, review our offers with one of our advisors.

Don’t concern yourself with energy supplies, we have nuclear power plants outside of PARALLEL 60, just for us, properly defended against the undesirables, well distanced from our precious parallel. Don't let a nuclear catastrophe ruin your day!

You don't have enough money to live here all year round?

No problem, you can rent one of our guest resort apartments and spend your summers in dignity, breathing clean air without air conditioning and without being afraid to go outdoors and/or die of hypothermia. (You will not have access to GOLD AND PLATINUM benefits). Spend your summers in 25-degree Celsius temperatures, as you used to do in your home country, on our beautiful golden beaches, and in our dreamy forests. Enjoy every night of the aurora borealis. The universe has some beautiful northern vistas, see how PARALLEL 60 is considered paradise in the universe. Walk through our forests full of animals and insects, return to nature, we have the last remaining large mammals in our preserves – do you remember wild boars, or wolves? -- see another bear (the last ones remaining), some of them even genetically engineered for you. We also have butterflies, and several types of birds, remember how the birds used to sing (some sounds may be artificially generated, not from real birds). If you can afford it, go hunting again (PLATINUM users only).



Tired of the self-made? Bored with talking to the nouveau riche? Are you the best of the best? Is your fortune incalculable? Do you think wealth and luxury should be reserved only for an exclusive few?


The video that accompanies this story, narrated by Felix Moreno, is available on youtube.



Imágenes de: Ana Callahan en Pixabay, Gerd Altmann en Pixabay, maja7777 en Pixabay, maja7777 en Pixabay, marian anbu juwan en Pixabay, Jill Wellington en Pixabay y vectorpocket en Freepik.

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