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So-Called Resilience (II): The Corona Virus and the Toilet Paper Crisis
It all started in China, and there apparently things were taken relatively in stride, although it left a population equivalent to that of Spain in isolation . An unknown virus began to infect hundreds with a kind of pneumonia, and the authorities took it very seriously: they constructed field hospitals in a matter of days, and since then, they have a quarantine that seems to be working, although it has strongly impacted the economy of China and the world, as if the world were running half-empty. - (23/09/2020)

TALES OF COLLAPSE 2 7. The Time Had Come
It was the worst year that anyone remembered: water swallowed up the earth, fire devoured it, the skies opened up, wind ripped out the trees and plagues exterminated hundreds of thousands… And the people understood that, finally, they were not in control. - (26/04/2020)

TALES OF COLLAPSE 2 : 6. Local Trade 3.0
This isn't meant as a criticism of local trade initiatives, some of which are very good.  It's just an anecdote offered for your reflection. - (20/04/2020)
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