Publicado el 29/03/2021.


Now we've exceeded all the limits that our species should not have exceeded. We maybe even did so before realizing there were even limits. We did it out of greed, possibly the worst sin of all, only to shread life and convert it into something humans call wealth, to be better than the others, above all to possess absolute power.

The planet, once full of species and life, now barely has small reserves where a few animals live “free”, enclosed in their little parks. No longer are there free animals, they all dance to our tune and die at our whims.

They'll suffer the same fate as we do, as we start to reach the different limits that we are approaching like a space ship in a sci-fi film, out of fuel, that knows it's extinct but cannot change course and is headed towards the sun, with a few months remaining until its ill-fated end. And while we continue on our path to collapse, destroying everything, the stewardess on or flight offers us one last time the last two animals that remain on earth, a sad airplane meal, of chicken or beef.

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