An animal disappeared today, the last of its species. It was a mammal that only existed in that valley that has been converted into a soybean crop. Someone said that it was the fault of co2 and not the bulldozers. - (18/02/2022)

One of the most agonizing pains that almost all of us have gone through at some time in our lives is a toothache. It is a pain that prevents you from thinking, which is usually caused by a cavity that has in turn produced an infection (if any dentist reads this please excuse my ignorance to be more specific). - (26/08/2021)

Now we've exceeded all the limits that our species should not have exceeded. We maybe even did so before realizing there were even limits. We did it out of greed, possibly the worst sin of all, only to shread life and convert it into something humans call wealth, to be better than the others, above all to possess absolute power. - (29/03/2021)

Well, the time has come to do a little more thorough analysis of the future of processors. In my articles I have already talked about the future of hard drives, mobile phones, cars, and above all I have come to explain in several of my articles that the future of computing and processors is complicated. But when I have told it, it was like the one who talks about the apocalypse on a pedestal in a Roman market, a kind of preacher. Still with what is falling and with all the data on the future of energy, people do not lose hope in computing and having computers. For all this and since I already analyzed the peak of hard drives that was in 2010, or the peak of mobile phones that was in 2017, we are going to talk about processors, its peak, PEAK COMPUTING, PEAK SALES PROCESSORS,and put data where I put my opinions, to see if so at least refute, they will not be able to refute me, another thing is that you look the other way when you know what there is, let's start. - (09/02/2021)

What's going on with chips and automobiles.
Between December 2020 and February 2021 there are news over and over again of car companies that are reducing production if not completely paralyzing it due to lack of microchips. Some venture to claim that it is an excuse for not making more cars as sales are plummeting and the future of cars is uncertain. They are not without reason when it comes to the future of the car, but I think that they are two things that are happening at the same time, the shortage of microchips and the future of the car more than black. - (07/02/2021)

The future of data storage in the information society.
Summarizing is a graph where I explain the evolution of the manufacture of hard drives, ssd memories, cd's every year. In this case I am not analyzing the total number of units sold of each type, I already did that in my books and articles like PEAK MEMORY 2. CHIP WARS. This time we are going to analyze the megabytes, the gigabytes that are manufactured in total, which is where the world information society saves year after year the photos, databases, songs, social networks, administration, etc. - (31/01/2021)

Tired of 6-month summers with temperatures in excess of 35 degrees Celsius and reaching 55? Your health suffering and being unable to leave your home until well into the fall? Can't breathe and need 24-hour air conditioning year-round? Can't sleep because of a dry throat thanks to the air conditioner or because the temperature at night exceeds 35 Celsius? Tired of living with people who would rather see you dead? Do you want to get far away from people who are different from you? - (11/12/2020)

Today I’m going to write about something positive, I’m going to talk about the future in a positive way, I’m going to predict the future of leisure in a de-growth world, that is, my proposals for activities in a world without computers, mobile phones, Internet, consoles, etc. - (27/11/2020)

So-Called Resilience (II): The Corona Virus and the Toilet Paper Crisis
It all started in China, and there apparently things were taken relatively in stride, although it left a population equivalent to that of Spain in isolation . An unknown virus began to infect hundreds with a kind of pneumonia, and the authorities took it very seriously: they constructed field hospitals in a matter of days, and since then, they have a quarantine that seems to be working, although it has strongly impacted the economy of China and the world, as if the world were running half-empty. - (23/09/2020)

TALES OF COLLAPSE 2 7. The Time Had Come
It was the worst year that anyone remembered: water swallowed up the earth, fire devoured it, the skies opened up, wind ripped out the trees and plagues exterminated hundreds of thousands… And the people understood that, finally, they were not in control. - (26/04/2020)

TALES OF COLLAPSE 2 : 6. Local Trade 3.0
This isn't meant as a criticism of local trade initiatives, some of which are very good.  It's just an anecdote offered for your reflection. - (20/04/2020)
Relatos Peregrinos. : Relatos de mis aventuras en el Camino de Santiago y el Henro no Michi de 四国遍路, Shikoku Henro (VIAJES DE FELIX nº 1) de [Felix Moreno] RELATOS COLAPSISTAS 6
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